Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I´m so proud of myself. It´s not wrong for us to be proud of ourselves, and we all know we would like people to tell us that more often.

I had a job interview in Madrid today. A HARD job interview. And I was thinking.....even if I don´t get the job, what an incredible experience.

Most of my days are spent speaking in another language that is not mine. Isn´t that just mind blowing? And today I had an interview in a language that is not mine and I can honestly say I was not nervous.

My daily life is spent speaking a language that is not mine and living in a world that is not comfortable to me, yet it´s my home.

As I was weaseling my way through the unfamiliar metro in Madrid, I felt proud.

Proud of all that I have accomplished and all that is yet to come.

(Me pounding my chest like a gorilla)



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