Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20

Holy cow this year is flying by. I feel like I just got back from summer break.

N has had a fever since Thursday and it will not go away. Everyone says the first year would be the worst (as far as sickness goes) and it totally is. Blek. On a side note, yesterday we were doing a worksheet at home and I said ¨write your name on the paper¨ totally thinking that she had no idea how to do that and to my shock and surprise. SHE DID IT! And it was good too! It was such a happy parenting moment.  I´m glad we chose a short name. HA

Then, I got a message from a mom in her class saying her daughter has head lice. NO! I feel like people have lice here a lot more often because the weather is so nice all the time, so they never die! She does not have it for the moment but I am so OCD that when she went to bed I went in with a flashlight and was just staring at her scalp to see if I saw anything scurry by. I do not want her to have it. EVER! I would totally flip my lid. It will happen at some point though. Trust me. BUT in the meantime I will do all I can to prevent it.

So, that´s that. I´m sorry my blog has not been super awesome as of late. Now that N is in school and I work in the morning I do not walk around and see cool things anymore. And instead, here I am talking about head lice and fevers. HA!


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