Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Days

My boo started her second year of pre-school today.

I was definitely more nervous than she was.

Same school, same kids in her class, just a different teacher and classroom.

I have no idea why but there is always some sense of melancholy that goes along with your child starting another year at school. Of course I am happy for her because she loves school but I always feel a sense of ¨pena¨ I can´t think of what this word is in English.

A sadness I guess because I have no control over what happens to her there, what others say to her or how others treat her.

I think it´s also sad because I know I am getting older and I feel like she was just born. How is she going to be FIVE soon?

Anywho, here is to a great second year of pre-school.



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