Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well, It´s been about a month since I have posted my friends. So sorry about that. I am very busy doing a whole lot of nothing.

When I come to the USA real life kind of stops for a bit and I get to just DO things and EAT things that I miss a lot. Oh, and SEE people too.

So, that´s what we have been doing. A whole lot of nothing and keeping very busy doing it.

N was in camp at the Y the first month that we were here and then she was in gymnastics camp.

Now her cousin is here for a week and her Daddy rolled into town yesterday so we have not stopped.

We keep busy at the pool at the club that we belong to and we are very good at ¨just hangin¨

So there you have it so far.

Life is grand in good ole´Indiana!


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