Thursday, January 17, 2013

on languages

Sometimes speaking in Spanish makes me laugh. I find myself in interesting situations and I´m not even really sure what to say. For example: In America it would be so easy to walk into a supermarket and ask the clerk, ¨Do you have eggs?¨ I found myself in this situation HERE yesterday and I couldn´t bring myself to ask. Why? Because ¨Tienes huevos?¨ also means, ¨Do you have balls?¨ Awkward. Today I was on my bike and I almost ran into an old lady. She said, ¨next time honk.¨ ¨No tengo pito¨ Nope. I couldn´t say that. That also means, ¨I don´t have a penis.¨ SO you see, after nearly 8 years in this country I´m still maneuvering my way through this sticky mess of a web called Spanish.


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