Saturday, December 01, 2012

It´s cold!

It was chilly last night...40s, so we got bundled up. Everyone else was freezing, but I felt great! ha...must be those Indiana winters that I´m so used to, I¨m also gearing up for Chicago in a few weeks. Welcome December. What a great month to be born! So, last year as the first year at the mall that they made a ¨Santa Village¨ and it´s the cutest thing ever. I´m so happy with it. They have a huge carousel, of course you can sit on Santa´s lap, they have windows with animated stories, and amazing X mas music. I could just stand there all day and listen to the music! OH and don´t forget the fake snow! Nora had a blast, and it made me want to take her to a snowy place ASAP because she loved it so much! Maybe next year we can take her to IN!


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