Thursday, May 22, 2008


One of my toenails fell off last night. Ouch. Which is weird because I lost my big toenail not too long ago. This can´t be good. I have my toenails painted and I take the polish off and my toenail is BLACK. eww.. and then it falls off. Maybe I need some more vitamins or something. Less time on the pedicures though..and less polish! Not a great summer look, I must admit.

I have no depth perception. I am constantly banging into things and my body looks like it was used as a punching bag. Right now at this very moment I have a gigantic bruise on my back from hitting it on a table at work, I have several bruises on my arm from hitting them on the door and now a few on my elbows and knees as well from who knows what. AH!!!!!!! I NEED more space.

I have today and Friday off. YIPEE for Corpus Cristi. It´s hot again. Boob sweat is back.

So, one of my good American friends here had her baby (Ana) yesterday. Congrats Alayna! She weighed in at a whopping 6.6 lbs. Tiny little thing. Why do I have the feeling I´m going to have a 10 lb. baby? Fatty! I ran into A´s aunt yesterday on the walk home and told her about my friend and how I wanted to visit her in the hospital. She then patted my stomach and asked me when I was having a baby. Ok, don´t ever do that again. Oh, what´s that you said? My stomach felt big and bloated....that´s because Aunt Flo just came to town guess what that means......NO FREAKING BABY IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! FOR A LOOOOOOOONG TIME SO BACK OFF!

Now that I got that off my chest.

Yesterday one of my students said he was going to go wash his hands and never came back. That made me feel like a great teacher.

Brooke Shields, Sandra Bullock and Kirstie Allie........these are people I´ve been told that I look like.....Have you seen Kirstie Allie lately? I´ve had people stop me a few times and tell me I have Brooke Shields eyebrows.....maybe she has MY eyebrows.

COME VISIT ME IM BORED and drowning in my boob sweat.


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I love these random recaps of your though process! You are hilarious!

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