Wednesday, May 22, 2013

bah humbug.

Customer service is absolutely terrible here. I cannot tell you how many times a week I am in ANY kind of store and the two sales people are just CHIT CHATTING away and I´m like HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was at Starbuck´s (surprise) and there was NO ONE ELSE in front of me. It took literally from the time I ordered until the drink was in my hand a good 15 minutes. WTF!

I ordered and then went down to where you pick up the drink and I was just standing there. For 15 minutes. Finally I said, ¨Can I get my drink!?¨  I do not know if they forgot about me or what. Just unacceptable and not normal!

I always want to say something clever like ¨menos hablar mas trabajar¨ but then I would just be an asshole, so I rage in silence.

It´s the American in me. Customer service. You rock at it USA. What can I say? I miss it.


Blogger David Oliver said...

Was clicking "Next Blog" to see what is out there and came across yours. Some fun and interesting stuff you have posted here.

Maybe the lack of customer service is one reason Spain's economy is so bad.

12:22 PM  

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