Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When in Rome...

So, the hubs and I just took a Wed-Sat trip to Rome. It was pretty much amaze balls. I had been to Rome about 11 years ago, but A has never been and it´s a place that you can go a million times and want to go more. It was a short two hour and forty minute flight. Then about 45 minutes to downtown on a bus. Boy was that a trip. CRAZIEST.DRIVERS.EVER. I thought we were all dead. They also do not stop when you cross the street. I thought each time was my last. We stayed in the cutest, cleanest and amazing location B and B ever. Our host was actually Asian. Go figure. I would definitely stay there again if we go back. The first day was spent walking a total of ten hours and seeing the Colliseum and that entire area. The second day looked a lot like the first but walking in the Vatican area. We bought a ticket for the hop on hop off bus and waited in line and TWO buses came (they come every twenty min) and each time two people got on. Screw that! So we walked! About 40 min to the vatican. For us that is not a long walk at all. It´s astounding really how old everything is. Amazing. I liked walking down the streets with stores like Prada, D and G, L Vouitton etc. and pretending like I have money. Those stores are so damn intimidating. You look in, the store is always usually empty and there are four store clerks standing at the entrance with black suits on. Ok, because that makes me want to come in. What DID make me want to go into Burberry was the tray of champaign flutes the guy was holding. There was a gov building with huge steps and there were two policemen blowing their whistle constantly because you could NOT sit down or stop at all. This one lady tripped, fell, sprained her ankle so was sitting down and the guy whistled at her! HA! NUTS! I was walking on the sidewalk and this weird, homeless freaky lady PEED right when I walked by. Prob the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Oh, there was a peeping Tom at my hotel. Our bathroom had a thin curtain on the window and I realized the last night this dude had been watching me every night. How disgusting! He did not get a show the last night. I practially showered in the dark! I saw a guy cover up a nostril and blow as hard as he could, and then continue working. I puked in my mouth a little. Oh the things you see when you travel the world. Ciao Italy, land of Converse, Smart cars, Gelato and the best GD pizza in the world. Until next time!


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