Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It actually dropped down to the 60ºs today. YIPEE! It actually feels a little like fall.

I just rode my bike home and the crosswalk was red. I´m pretty sure traffic signs exist for a reason, but around here it seems like no one gives a rats a$$. It´s always the older people too......So, this guy who was about 70 starts to cross the st. and basically almost got hit by a bus. Everyone was yelling ¨Be careful¨ and then the old man shook his newspaper at the bus like ¨DAM& you bus!¨ What the heck? That´s what kills me.......he wasn´t following the signs and on top of that he gets mad. I LOVE IT!

In my classes this week I´m talking a little bit about Halloween and doing Halloween activities. I almost teared up because I miss it so! Four years with no halloween and no thanksgiving. Oh the sacrifices I make!


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