Monday, October 20, 2008

Celeb Sighting

I always told myself that if I ever saw a celebrity I would just play it cool and act ¨normal¨ and then a few years ago I saw Jamie Lee Curtis in a store in L.A. and I almost wet myself and I was looney. I mean, for the love of God Jamie Lee Curtis? Seriously? What if I saw Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt..someone would probably have to wheel me out on a stretcher.

So, just now I was getting my daily coffee at Starbucks and I looked over and there he was...Risto! You are going to have no idea who this is because it´s a Spanish celeb. Basically, he´s the equivalent to Simon on American Idol. He´s the A hole that makes all of the singers cry and ruin their make-up. So, I look over and he looked at me and I bet I had this RIDICULOUSLY STUPID look on my face like...¨I KNOW YOU! YOU´RE A FAMOUS A HOLE.¨

I tried to play it cool but I got butterflies and acted completely giddy and stooooopid. I didn´t actually say anything, but I really wanted to. What would I have said though? Ah...the dreaded ¨What if¨ moment....die.

When you see a celebrity it just messes with the mind. Like..what are you doing here? It´s like I don´t even think they are real people. And then I actually saw him eating. Taking a bite, chewing and swallowing a sandwich. Mezmorizing.

I think it´s like when you were little and you didn´t think your teacher was a real person. I always thought mine lived in a hidden room at school and only came out to give classes. Then when I saw one at the grocery store it shook my entire world. Like Mrs. buy food and eat it? Gasp!

Or maybe that´s just me being completely psycho? I thought so.


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