Sunday, October 26, 2008


People think Antonio´s hair is highlighted..which cracks me up. Like..he gets it ¨frosted¨ or something. More than once he´s had random people come up and touch his hair being all.. ¨Is this REAL?!¨ I think since knowing me his hair has gotten more grey. Go figure!!!!!! That´s really odd...considering I´m a complete princess.

For my liking its too freaking hot. It´s 80º today in Sevilla. Come on now. I NEED fall (tear). Oh well..someday it will cool down and then I will want the warmth!

Tomorrow A leaves for Ceuta, Africa for one week. I´m sad;O(

Other than new news on the homefront. Work work work and more work. We are enjoying the bikes though. Great exercise!


Blogger Julie said...

Africa sounds awesome!! Wish you could go too. :( And you're right; 80 degrees is too hot for October. Here it's maybe going to get to 60s today. I love it.

4:35 PM  

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