Sunday, April 20, 2008

100 and counting.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. Antonio´s grandmother Ángeles turned 100 years old. I can´t even imagine what it would be like to say ¨I´m 100.¨ She was born in 1908. Can you imagine living through all of those technological changes?

Back in the day a couple used to go on walks with chaperones...kissing and holding hands was a big no no. If they were dating they would say ¨we´re strolling.¨

Now kids have sex on park benches. Watch where you sit!

I have to throw this out there...I´m not really sure I want to live until I´m 100. In fact, I´m quite positive I don´t. I hope the big guy takes me home WELL before I turn 100. A´s grandmother is basically a vegetable. She´s been this way for about three yrs now. She basically stays in bed all day long (they amputated her leg a few years ago). But, she´s still here. So, Ángeles, welcome to 100. If 27 is making me feel old 100 is


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