Thursday, April 17, 2008

i have a good ten years left.

Holy Mother thank goodness it´s Thursdsay night. I´ve always been a big fan of Thursday nights.

The bad thing about teaching is that I get everyones germs. I feel like a very fat fat lady and or man is sitting on my chest and they refuse to budge. I also feel like that very fat fat lady and or man is cutting tiny slits in my throat and then throwing salt in the wound. All in all its a very pleasant feeling. Oh, did I mention I´m sarcastic? ( I guess that can be one of my faults. so there.)

So, here´s some food for thought. Tuesday I had a class with two adults and they are a married lawyer couple. Very advanced level of English. At any rate, I brought some materials to class about love at first sight and we got to talking about culture differences of marriages and ages etc. I´ve been living in Spain for three years now and I´ve noticed a HUGE difference as far as the age people get married, have kids etc. Here, the normal age to even consider marriage is around 34...and babies..closer to 40. Also, if women do not get married and or have babies they are not considered weird and sent away to freak camp.

USA.....well, last time I checked 30 was old. Heaven forbid we women don´t get married by 30 and 30 you are lucky if you have any ovaries at all. Functioning and not dried up that is. And if you don´t get married you are just plain FREAKY. Why don´t you just go ahead and shoot yourself in the face now?

Or you can just move to Spain!!!!!!!!! At least then you gain a good ten years to look for that special man.


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