Tuesday, March 18, 2008


sorry, i´ve been busy getting migraines and going to docs. i have to go to the neurologist in april. sounds scary. i´m sure it´s nothing but a small tumor.

i like having people over to our place, since no americans ever come i have to invite all spaniards. yesterday our friends came with their one mth. old daughter. this reiterated the fact on how desperate i am NOT to get pregnant for a very, very long time. of course whenever there is a baby in the room and there is a female who is married without a child (yours truly) i get the, ¨Oh, and what about you?! When are you guys going to have a baby?¨

me: ¨when semen swim up my vagina, into my uterus (womb) and then into my fallopian tubes where they may join with the tiny egg that i releases from one of my ovaries every month. If this 'joining' (also known as fertilisation or conception) occurs, then i will become pregnant..........in a zillion years.¨

them: ¨so, you haven´t heard mother nature calling?¨

me: ¨she hasn´t even found the phone to start dialing.¨


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