Tuesday, March 04, 2008

random thoughts by jack handey

I get a kick out of when people call me by a different name..and of course I don´t correct them. That´s half the fun. One man at the gym thinks my name is Felicia. Why he thinks this I have no idea? I think he mixed my last name in there a little bit and one day he just started calling me Felicia...and he truly believes my name is Felicia. I don´t want to burst his bubble so I´ll just let it slide.

I´m noticing a pattern here after marriage. First, the chic usually cuts her hair after the wedding and honeymoon. She was probably growing it out for some updo hoo ha. Then comes dog hunting. And then....babies. Yowsers. I can´t see me being responsible enough to take care of a baby. I would probably forget to feed it or something.

Speaking of babies. Everytime I read a magazine there is always some new mom..like Christina Aguilera and they always make comments like ¨I´m head over heels in love with my baby.¨ Oh really? That´s surprising. I thought you were going to say, ¨I can´t stand this ugly alien troll and I now have bigger hips because of him.¨

Every Tues and Thur when I walk home from class I pass two Romanian men touching their tamborine. They always yell things at me like¨Guapa¨ and stuff.........and then I punched him.


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