Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I usually finish my prep time early so I go talk to my friend (we will call her Lula) before class starts.

She had some things written on the board and I pointed to a word and said, ¨I don´t think that´s how you spell that.¨

¨What, SIZZORS?¨

¨Ya, I said, I just don´t think that looks right?¨

¨I´ve spelled it like that my whole life Sizzors.¨

¨Look, I know you come from England but do you honestly spell sizzors like sizzors? I´m pretty sure it´s scissors.¨

¨What? Why would it have a C in it?¨

¨Go get the dictionary.¨

¨Oh, you´re right. Wow. 34 years and all this time I thought it was sizzors. I´m sure the kids would have never known.¨


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