Tuesday, February 12, 2008

love note

i got my first love note in class. a 7 year old girl walked up to me and said, ¨sara, do you know how to read in spanish?¨ i said ¨yes¨ and she handed me the note. it reads.

Te quiero

and then she gave me a big hug. awww.

Yesterday I got another massage. My back is killing me here people. So, I found a man that comes to my gym, which is very handy since that´s right across the st. and it´s only 15 euros. So, I worked out and then went to get the massage. I didn´t want to get a shower beforehand because then I´d just have to take another one with all of the sensual oils, etc. So, I go up to the man, introduce myself and then I said..I´m going to use the restroom really quick and then I´m ready. He´s like ¨ya, go ahead and take a shower.¨ WHAT? CRAP! So, I went to the bathroom, dried my pits off and came back in two seconds looking exactly the same. I think he was grossed out. My bad!


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