Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Holy cow am I groggy today from that sleeping pill last night. My neighbor was quiet for about two days and now she´s back at it. So, I went to the pharmacy and bought earplugs and drugs. Good times.

I hope you´re all enjoying the SNOW in IN. It´s in the 60s here or 70s. haha!

Remember how I was telling you before how I like to ¨race¨ people on the sidewalk? Now it´s crazy town with the bike. Today I had to stop at this stoplight and another girl pulled up next to me on the bike. I was like revving my schwinn. I WON! Awesome.

It´s crazy here the things people say ....some things are just hard to translate..and there actually would be no translation. I saw a homeless man walking around screaming obscenities at everyone who would listen. He was saying , ¨Me cago en tus muertos y tu puta madre.¨ That basically translates to , ¨I shit on your dead and slutty mom.¨ Good times!

Also, everyone and their mother is preggers...whats up with that¿


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