Monday, June 23, 2008


I think the dumbest things in life are hilarious. Yesterday we stopped to get gas and there was a fly on my window. As we were pulling out of the gas station the fly just stuck there..on my window. We were seriously going about 50mph and the fly was STILL on the window. How could it´s little fly lets be so strong and sticky? Why didn´t it just let go? So, I was STARING at the fly and started laughing so hard I think some pee pee came out. It finally let go at about 70 mph. Good times. My husband just thinks I´m weird. Hey, he knew that before going into this union. I think?

Speaking of our union. I like to look at the photo album of our guest book. We took a pic of everyone there. Is it bad that four of those couples are not together anymore? 1 divorce, 1 death, and 2 breakups. It hasn´t even been a year yet. But, lets look on the bright side, FIVE babies were born. There were lots of preggers at the wedding. Good way to save on the bar bill. I planned well.

I´m pretty sure I´ve gotten quite used to Spanish culture although there is one thing I just can´t hack. It´s the cleaning thing. WHY do people have to clean during hours..either do it before or after. I went to the gym at 8am today and there is an old lady cleaning every single day. I was on the bike and she wanted to clean the bike and mop the floor around it. So, of course she gave me the LOOK OF DEATH because heaven forbid someone is actually using a machine while the gym is open. BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when the floor was wet I got off the bike just to put my lovely footprint and I could feel like I was a hollywood star. Then I bent down and put my handprint too. It looked good.


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