Friday, May 02, 2008

Hijos de Puta.

Ya, my title is bad in Spanish..prob shouldn´t say that.

We got robbed at the campo. We went today to feed the birds and every last one of them was gone. We just stood there, stunned. At that moment I just felt so angry and my eyes watered with rage and fury at these bastards that just come in and take everything that my Antonio has worked so hard for the last THREE years to make. We had five aviaries that were all made by Antonio and at least 50 to 60 birds. All gone. Including my two rabbits. They cut the wires and took every single bird. My blood is still boilding and I´m so angry and also heartbroken for Antonio. This was his favorite hobby and love and now he cannot do it anymore. We don´t want to start from scratch and then have the same thing happen. Lots of time, lots of money ,wasted so stupid ass gypsies can buy drugs. I hope you enjoy your high, assholes.


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